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What you should Learn from your Break up ??

Broke up is painful , in a sudden you have to go through all the mental torture and life seems turned over, there's nothing much you can do about it, isn't much that a person can do to stifle the pain of having to go through break up...
I was in love with him when he has putted an end to our Relationship because of somebody else, and what's hurt the most that we was living together, and I wake up next to an empty spot in bed  feeling anxiety and depression, it was really hard, there was so much around me that driving me insane...
I was feeling hollow and devoid of any kind of feelings inside​, woke up every morning with the thought of us together again, I prayed that things turn out the way it was , there was alot of pain comes from that feeling of helplessness, we was barely talking ...
There was nothing I can do to appease the situation , even when I left the home, I was feeling the same pain, and loliness plague my life, I waited for days and months for him to make u hi…

Are You in a relationship with a Selfish man ??

It's a sad fact , that in Relationships sometimes we encounter some selfish man who thinks that it's all about and around them.. but still hard to identify them from the start, because love can often blind us to the truth.. besides , no man will reveal his true self from the beginning, they will do their best behaviors when they interact to you, it's a challenge because they won't act on their own accord.. before you find out with time how parasitic they are.
A selfish man in the relationship will try to take as much as they can, as much as you can offer without any remorse or mercy, this kind of people will let you live the relationship alone, you will be the one giving without taking anything in return, they won't have any regard for how they make you feel, or how their words can impact and hurt you.
However, you will find yourself living one sided Relationship, it's never a give and take kind of situation, there's no balance, you will be giving your al…

Are you Ready To Love again ???

After a break up you may wonder when is the appropriate amount of time to mourn an ended Relationship and fall in love again!
The fear of repeating the same mistakes of your past again will destine you to wait too long and you may find yourself alone, unhappy and unsatisfying with the habits of solitary life..
Usually, when people jump into a new relationship after the break up chances of failing in the new one is high because it just signals an attempt to avoid the pain of the current break up, The idea is that the quicker you can replace the lost Relationship the happier you will be but in fact this never been right because we all need time to heal and time to recognize what we really want .. we should not stuff and avoid our grief it's better to express it...
So before you you begin a new relationship, you want to
Read this article and spot the 5 signs that assume that you're ready for love now :1# when you stop playing over past scenarios :You're ready to love again, w…

Have you ever been in relationship with a psycho ???

Being in Relationship with a guy who looks like he feels same about you and he's all about you is heaven.. But as time goes by, you might figure out you was living a lie and your were stuck in a relationship with a psycho . They might not go as far as trying to kill you, but they would use you for their benifits and destroy you mentally. They will use you and you will never know because you will be busy falling for them.
They are parasites, they will treat you like no other man do, they​ are amazing to a point you can't believe how good they are, and they will love you like you the only one matters , they will give you the love like you never experienced before and they will feed you lies , feeding off you , your money, your body and everything you can offer, and you won't resist their affectionate ways .
However, this kind of men know exactly how to cover up their true self and show you what they want you to see, and you will never see them for who they are because they w…

Is He the wrong One ???

Relationships are never quite easy as we wish them to be, but a good relationship supposed to enhance your life, make you happy, boost yourself confidence, and make you believe stronger in your own decisions. In the opposite, being with the wrong one, make you feel insecure about your future relationship and your life decisions, we all been dating people who were not good for us, sometimes we never know them from the start, sometimes we ignore the warning signs and we make excuses to stay, telling ourselves lies that they might has bad behaviors and things will work out later , we just ignore the warning signals men are sending their way, so you should take a moment and evaluate both : your feelings and your partner behaviors, however, these are some clear signs that shows he's wrong for you :1# He's being negative :If he loves you, he will strength your abilities and make you stronger, he will be by your side to support you and give you the positive vibes you need to go throu…

When you should start packing your bags in a relationship???

Sometimes we can't protect ourselves from being hurt or being damaged in a relationship, sometimes we notice several things warning us to let go because this relationship brings is pain more than comfort. In fact, it's really hard to leave somebody you see a future with, but it's going to be all worth it in the end.
Basically, there are certain reasons in the relationship just warning you to let goof it so pay attention :1# You feel lonely in the relationship :Feeling lonely with your partner means there's something really wrong. It's terrible when they are not available, never around to cheer you up after having a bad day.. I mean what's the use of being in a relationship with someone absent the whole time!!! and you just can't talk to them when you need.
Here when you start feeling overwhelmingly lonely in the relationship and you feel your emotional needs are not met by your partner, it's time to let go. Moreover, being not available, absent, careles…

What lies men tell to get what they want ???

Some guys are not looking for a serious relationship,but at the same time they can't stay single so they will try to find someone to have sex with... Unfortunately, some guys will tell you anything to get into your bed.
Usually, men tend to lie alot, hiding their true colors to get what they want from you then everything will show off .
Unfortunately, we fall for the same lies over and over again, sometimes it's just hard to believe it gonna be the same result, we think he's honest .
I can tell it's not really easy to recognize a liar from the very start. Basically, you should listen carefully and match his words with his actions because when men lie it shows alot of signs that are easily seen so read those 10 signs carefully so you can guard yourself from the hurt the liar could cause from the start :1. " I'm single because I was waiting for the right girl " :Most girls aren't going to sleep with a committed man,  so he's going to play the single…

How to make it work with your Ex ??

In fact getting back with an Ex is not easy, you broke up for a reason, but sometimes you have to give love a second chance, basically if you really want to make it work things will work out as much as you're willing to. You can make it up with your former flame . When you get back together with a former love, there's no way to know whether it will end up being the best decision of your life or just go up in flames all over again. After all, it's one of the biggest relationship no-nos in the book. But sometimes, giving it a shot is the best thing you can do for yourself, so that no matter what happens afterward, you don't have to live with a single "what if."
Here's what to make it work with your Ex :1# Don't bring the past back :If you're getting back together and trying to make things work you have to let go of everything that happened in the past , past resentments and fights that never really get resolved are bound to come up, but when that ha…

Why you should date a Scorpio ??

It's a pleasure or it's a misfortune whichever way you see it, dating a Scorpio is a challenge you will love to hate.
I have written about my personal experience with scorpio male ( Article) and I mentioned all the reasons to stay away from them because at the end of my relationship i looked back and I have seen all the wrong, all the negative influence he has left on me, but I don't want to judge them all because I have personal issues ,matter of fact, they can be as good as a dream and as scary as a nightmare!
However, I should be honest and say every woman should date a Scorpio for a relationship full of intensity and passion, you will live love to the fullest and you will taste life through his perspective , a different kind of relationship you will never forget about..
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What's the best and the worst zodiac sign in love ???

Nobody knows how our relationship gonna be in the future!! A match made in heaven or a complete disaster!!
I have been always searching and asking people experience with zodiac signs, and I believed its written in the Stars ..
I know it sounds silly but by understanding the universal forces that surrendered​ us will help you to attract the best astrology.
In fact, Everytime I met a new guy I make a huge search to understand him through his zodiac sign... Matter of fact , sometimes in a relationship no matter what we do it seems like nothing work !!! You did whatever it takes to keep him around but he's driving you insane!!
Sometimes we wish we had some way of knowing before if the relationship gonna work or not so we can avoid the pain from the start...
However, you should be into astrology ...Well, before you start your next new relationship stop and read this article the stars might have something planned for you, you might be blessed by the stars ... this will tell you if it&#…