What's the best and the worst zodiac sign in love ???

Nobody knows how our relationship gonna be in the future!! A match made in heaven or a complete disaster!!
I have been always searching and asking people experience with zodiac signs, and I believed its written in the Stars ..
I know it sounds silly but by understanding the universal forces that surrendered​ us will help you to attract the best astrology.
In fact, Everytime I met a new guy I make a huge search to understand him through his zodiac sign... Matter of fact , sometimes in a relationship no matter what we do it seems like nothing work !!! You did whatever it takes to keep him around but he's driving you insane!!
Sometimes we wish we had some way of knowing before if the relationship gonna work or not so we can avoid the pain from the start...
However, you should be into astrology ...Well, before you start your next new relationship stop and read this article the stars might have something planned for you, you might be blessed by the stars ... this will tell you if it's doomed or not
So here's a simple guide on which zodiac signs really go well together and which are a lot harder to be with :

# who's the best zodiac sign that Make the  the best couple ? :

1. Aries and libra :

They are so different but this exactly what makes the relationship works, a supportive, harmonious relationship that build to last...In this relationship opposite attract and that's the key to this match, Aries fall for Libras calm nature while Libra fall for the excitement nature of the Aries.

2. Taurus and Scorpio :

They Are madly attracted to each other more so because of their sexual nature of their signs , Taurus governs sexual pleasure and their relationship is a correction of deepest emotions And sexuality..Their sex life is fantastic because they both fill it with all sorts of emotions good or bad .Their relationship is an obsession and even an addiction .
Moreover,They have a very rich sex life ..For a Scorpio tender is enough and Taurus ready to expriment. They are both the deepest of sexual pleasure.
They both need time to enter inna relationship because they need alot of time to build a trust , but once they fall in love , they are very passionate and lovelable.They have few things in common but they like everything about each other .Scorpio are attracted to the Taurus mystery and they go in depth of things and Taurus doesn't seem to care but through his perspective of life , Taurus know the values.Their whole point of romance is to get physical... And this lead to possessive relationship...
They value life and live in a way that no other signs understand.When they fall in love they become the image of eternal love.They enjoy discovering how far their sexual desire could lead and this will keep them interested in each other more and more.

3. Virgo and Taurus:

Commitment and stability are top priority for both Taurus and virgo, which means you will never leave each other side.

4. Libra and Sagittarius :

Libra are  are naturally independent, you will get the space you need , Libras  don't like to get into the relationship quickly, you will work on it to get your place with them. They know how to keep things interesting for the adventurous Sagittarius who's born under the first zodiac, fill of energy .
However, this zodiac sign born are fun , loving, with them Sagittarius will experience new places and you will share new activities. Together they will never be bored.
Charming libra and fiery Sagittarius can be assured that they will never be bored with one another. They will bring each other the mental stimulation they craves. As long as Sagittarius does not allow it's love for Independence to interfere with Libras need for a stable , reliable partner, this Union has the making of a partnership built to last.

5. Capricorn and cancer :

They both bring the best in each other, Capricorn is a little confident have trouble talking about their feelings but cancer nurturing nature make them feel comfortable enough to express themselves. Matter of fact , those couple balance each other perfectly.

6. Capricorn and Taurus :

They both share the same practical approach to life, they lighting up around Taurus and they will find themselves setting goals .

7. Taurus and cancer :

Together they make the best couple, they both old fashioned, they will find pleasure living together comfortably, chilling hair tied , sweet-pants, no make up on , this is the best life for both cancer and Taurus. Besides, those zodiac signs are highly in touch with their feelings.

8. Gemini and Aquarius :

This a relationship full of excitement, they value the same things and they look at life through the same perspective. Aquarius instinctively knows that your relationship benifits from some time spent doing your own thing.

9. Gemini and Sagittarius :

Their relationship is picture perfect, They are a dynamic duo, intellectual couples who make a great connection to talk through any potential problems, exploring the world.

10. Cancer and Scorpio :

They both can't stand feeling jealous or left out..but with a cancer , Scorpio never have  a to worry.
They both intuitive and protective, look out for each other's feelings and with a cancer , Scorpio feeling special and secure... it's​ the kind of a relationship that heats up quickly and keep burning strong.. and they are just incredible for each other

11. Leo and Aquarius :

They both love to be the center of attention, love to forget their own paths and together they will make a unique, unstoppable relationship.

12. Leo and Aries :

They are two confident, outgoing and full of life with irresistible charisma and magnatic charm who have eyes for each other and work well together.

13. Capricorn and virgo :

These two dedicated to success, they share the crucial trait, and they know how to get things done. This relationship is incredibly supportive and powerful bound.

14. Pisces and virgo :

A couple who are sure compassionate and love to help people and take care of them...they both has alot of respect for each other, Pisces admires Virgo work ethic and they look u to their go with the flow attitude.

15. Libra and gemini :

It's special relationship features a harmonious supportive vibe, Gemini Excel at forging new relationships, but libra has the diplomatic grace required to keep them.

# who's the worst Zodiac sign that make the worst couple ???? :

1.Aries and Taurus :

Aries are extremely strong willed person and Taurus is stubborn , aries will always change his mind eventually in the middle of the road ! They're has a very moody character, and the Taurus hate the chase in a relationship, they like to know where they standing the relationship quite often.. and this will annoy the Aries .
Hes stubborn , routine addict, sometimes a little too practical when you want to be dating.
He won't take your advices into consideration at the end he will do exactly what he's mind telling him to do .. besides, never leave him in the middle of the road then trying to get him back... He will move forward all the ways.
Matter of fact, once one of you digs their heels in , no one is going to budge .
When the relationship between them two going to end , aries will want to ghost their way out of it , but Taurus are going to want explanation after explanation.

2. Aries and Capricorn:

Aries are rule breakers and Capricorn are rule makers, they will constantly criticized for their renegade style.
Capricorn can't even go to dinner without making a reservation and Aries is the opposite.
A Workholic Capricorn is married to the  job and Aries will feel like it's a bossy relationship.

3. Aries and cancer :

Its easy to fall for an aries at first because they skip the  a small talks and treat cancer good ,but in this relationship aries always feel the need to breath in a room alone to do their own thing. While cancer want a little more connection.
However, in this relationship Aries will find cancer  suffocating, too flaky and eventually they will both fed up. In return, they might think cancer is little cold. Even when the begining is beautiful this relationship not going to last.

4. Taurus and Sagittarius :

Taurus is possessive and Sagittarius are fighters for their freedom, and because of their​ quiet , calm nature a Taurus has ,they  prefer to stay home most of the times unlike Sagittarius they  always wants to go out and do something fun...
Sagittarius is just too much for a Taurus to handle, they has many past  relationships and they don't take things seriously unlike Taurus who looks always for a partner to settle down with... The Sagittarius is too wild for Taurus... A bit too unpredictable for their liking and they are most likely to flake on them ..which Taurus hate.

4. Gemini and Scorpio  :

It's a seductive game they both playing and it's really hot. But things go south when you try to deal the deal..
When it comes to making important decisions Gemini is more implusive and spontaneous than Scorpio who like to take time carefully and weigh every option, thinking about every move.
As a result, it's hard for Scorpio to trust their judgment. In return they find Scorpio too methodical to satisfy them.
And this will lead to frustrating fights.
Scorpio is demanding exclusivity and fidelity before

5. Pisces and leo :

They can be sometimes a difficult match to make work , leo are likely to be fairly introverted and need space and time to recharge in order to keep up with Pisces need who is too sensitive, too humble, and too emotional.

6.  Libra and pieces :

They are both sentimental and sensitive signs who focus on the happiness of others. They hate conflicts and decision making, and this leads to alot of trouble
However, they are different when it comes to being able to get along with everyone, Libra love of variety will eventually seem like flightiness to Pisces, while this one tends to sulk and brood when hurt or upset.
Pisces need to be taken care of will irritate Libra.

7. Taurus and Leo :

They are destined to get on each other's nerves. Unfortunately they shine in different ways . Taurus are wallflower while Leo is the soul of the party. They both will end up frustrated and bored

8. Capricorn and Gemini :

They are the opposite of each other. Both having a difficult time achieving each other goals. They are unlikely match, for Gemini Capricorn is a little bit too serious. Their badly matched mindsets leads​to more just awkward conversations.

9. Gemini and virgo :

Their super organized nature will leave  the Gemini frustrated...
Gemini thrive on spontaneity while the Virgo prefer to make concrete land well in advance. Their approach to life clash will leave them both feeling frazzled.

10. Virgo and Sagittarius :

Sagittarius are too goofy for a Virgo, and virgo are too uptight and rigid , they are two opposites who can't be attracted to one another.

11. Sagittarius and aries :

They just don't get along. Aries are too serious for Sagittarius, and they both operate on two totally different planes , they are just not ideal in a relationship.

12. Pisces and Gemini :

Pisces act from their heart while Gemini act from their head, for Gemini Pisces are too soft on the inside, and pieces are too implusive and cold.

13. Pisces and Sagittarius :

The reality is that Pisces and Sagittarius are drawn together by their similarities. For their part Pisces is too sensitive and depressive for the happy Sagittarius.
At first, Sagittarius will like the attraction of Pisces but later this will become boring and they will leave to find new adventures and excitement, this will make the relationship tough to maintain longer term.

14. Scorpio and Aries :

Both signs strive for highest positions and may flight constantly over who gets to gain control over who and vice versa.  Scorpio tend to be a little too intense for Aries. Although both signs can't be together, they will clash constantly because of their independent natures..
Scorpio hate being pushed around taking orders , and Aries love to give demands which may not be too exciting for Scorpio.

15. Libra and virgo :

In this relationship they will find a hard time to enjoy each other's company.
Virgo naturally analytical, critical and they can be too much for the easy going libra. Moreover, Libra flighty nature and tendency to waffle when it comes to decision making will irritiate nonsense Virgo to no end. For libra, Virgo is too serious and this will make them seek another partner because this relationship is too complicated for them to stick with.

It's amazing that there's so many successful relationships but for us single people it seems hard to find that special one . However it's possible to find love so this head start for your search for love and to help you to understand you will be facing with every zodiac sign.


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