Are You in a relationship with a Selfish man ??

It's a sad fact , that in Relationships sometimes we encounter some selfish man who thinks that it's all about and around them.. but still hard to identify them from the start, because love can often blind us to the truth.. besides , no man will reveal his true self from the beginning, they will do their best behaviors when they interact to you, it's a challenge because they won't act on their own accord.. before you find out with time how parasitic they are.
A selfish man in the relationship will try to take as much as they can, as much as you can offer without any remorse or mercy, this kind of people will let you live the relationship alone, you will be the one giving without taking anything in return, they won't have any regard for how they make you feel, or how their words can impact and hurt you.
However, you will find yourself living one sided Relationship, it's never a give and take kind of situation, there's no balance, you will be giving your all to a selfish person who isn't willing to give anything back.. you will be exhausted, suffering so they can live comfortably, you don't need to be victimized by them...
In fact, Relationships are supposed to be proper partnership, that's why you should recognize how it suppose to be and avoid being in such Relationships , you will end up saving yourself from alot of heartbreak and disappointment, you should pay attention and recognize the selfish man before they leave you emotionally scarred and traumatized.
Moreover, they are takers, they will take your all , they enjoy seeing you giving and they will ask for more, til you get nothing left to give, This away , they will leave your heart broken in pieces, your soul suffering, wondering why it wasn't enough !!!! To be honest if you ever think love can do the magic and change them, you best should believe that love can never help us through this toxicity.
As a result, you need to read this article, spot these 5 signs of the selfish man before you start falling for him :

1# His only concern is him, himself :

He doesn't care how you feel, what you want and what you need, this doesn't seem to matter , as long as he feels good and comfortable and you satisfy his needs , nothing left to worry about.
In this relationship you will feel your needs are not being met by your partner.
Things always about them, they want always to be the center of attention.
Moreover, a selfish man will perennially refuse to make compromises, they never concede their desires to favor you .. they won't handle your accomplishments.. It's never a give and take dynamic Relationship.

2# He has high expectations :

They will never do a thing without expecting you to something in return, they are unable to give anything without a reason..
Besides, you can't remember the last time your partner did something for you, whenever he helps you or buys you something nice , he always expects you to do something in return.
He doesn't listen to you, doesn't care what you're going throughout the day,unless he wants something, then he will be very caring and loving and so protective.

3# He's trying to make you feel worthless   :

In the relationship you feel like your partner acting more like competitor than a team mate , then it's clear indication of insecurity, they are trying to be Better​ than you at everything​ ... They are nagging, trying to make themselves feel better than you.
It's a sign of insecurity, he will always be against you , trying to put you down and you won't be able to do better in life because he will try to make you feel worthless so he can feel better ..
In a selfish Relationship, your partner won't give a damn to push you up, they will do all they can to keep you always down.

4# He's trying to control you :

Even since you both started dating , he set down several rules on how often you can go out , with whom you should talk ! Which friend you should keep and who's to leave , what job to work in , his excuses that feels uncomfortable with it.. and restless and you can't see beyond it all , he knows what's better for you but truth is he's wants always to see you on the bottom never on Top.
However, he won't hesitate to drop all his plans with you to go out with his mates .. and oblige you to do exactly what he tells you to do.

5#  He doesn't value your Opinion :

When it comes to make decisions, your opinion won't matter, what matters is what he thinks and what he gonna decide , he never asks your opinion and he doesn't bother to ask about your preferences.
He doesn't listen to you, trying to dismiss your effort whenever you try to talk about it.

If you ever notice one of the previous signs, be sure it's a selfish Relationship that's going to suck the life out of you.
Its built on faulty fondations of selfishness and pride and it will leave a scar on you remain for an entire lifetime.
You will put alot of effort in this toxic relationship without getting nothing in return .. it can lead to a bitter feelings and high level of resentment. You need to spot the signs early in the relationship so you can make the necessary adjustments, and get out before all the chaos ensues.

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