You never enter a relationship with a psychopath expecting to be abused, played of and damaged , they are usually the perfect partner to be in a relationship with, they will trick you with love and that's how it goes . Then a trianglaton sets in!
Psycopaths are mostly predators​, they know exactly what they want from the victim and how to get it and how can you give them what they want, only with love, flattering and attention, because no matter how confident or strong you are , love is what makes you vulnerable by default. They manufacture the illusion of love , because that's how they can control you, they don't need no physical agression because this relationship they are in is a perfect opportunity for them to get what they want.
They seek power and control, they dominate their victim sexually, emotionally and physically. In order to torture an control their targets Psycopaths utilize certain behaviors, create​ a love triangle , an aura of desaribility of being wanted,…

Is he a psychopath ????

He is a charming gentleman,a man who talk to you the sweetest talk ever, like​ he never been happier before you met. He's like a daydream, and being in love with him Is like a fairytale...but suddenly the nightmare unfold in the blink of an eye, a transition will leave you traumatized, now you just lost your self-esteem for someone who seemed to have none to begin with. The psychopath looks really different than any other man you ever met. You probably felt sorry first when you met him, he had so many shocked phases in his life, he has so many sympathetic qualities, my Ex told me that his girlfriend has cheated on him with his best friend, and I bet your Psychopath will find a story alike to tell... They have been always through the same shit, their ex had cheated or probably abused them, their family never stood by them, he's never been his parents favorite, never liked himself or the way he looks, never been loved before you came and cross his road and now he's so much h…

How i destroyed​ my relationship with Scorpio ??

Scorpio known as the sexiest zodiac sign among all signs. and dating a Scorpio is a pleasure you could experience only once in your life..
This interesting man with his mysterious personality is a perfect lover , and loving him is like a fairytale, an emotion will blow your entire life and trust me when I say after loving a Scorpio you will never be the same again, he will make you explore your darkest sides, and your best version of yourself will come out , but be careful he will never forgive you If you ever lied or betrayed his trust.
You never really get to appreciate a good thing until it’s taken away from you. I never understood just how good I had it with my relationship with my Scorpio before it actually ended. And the worst part is that the relationship ended because of my own actions.
Scorpio is a keeper and beside him i explore the deepest of my soul ..
But my relationship didn't last because I did mistakes my Scorpio partner didn't like , things become clear when e…

Why do psycopaths cheat ???!

Have you ever met a guy who had suffered from cheating and betrayal almost throughout all his past relationships... He was the victim most of the times ..and he's just looking for someone to faithfull to love them right.. Of course you did ! if its not you , you probably heard a similar story.. I was a victim of psychopath abuse , cheating is what my partner has put me through, although he was the victim of his past relationship where he experienced betrayal also! When you first meet the psychopath he will convince you that he is faithful and he will never cheat or betray your trust! Later you start to discover that your partner is a cheater , and he has no remorse of guilt..he feels no shame of what he has done to you. He convince himself that's your fault, and his cheating is a result of your bad behaviors, he's a victim of you! A psychopath will talk about marriage and having kids with you, while sleeping with another person who's telling them same. He doesn't s…

Is it an Emotionally abusive Relationship ???

Truth is there are some very abusive people out there who knows how to attract their victims and bring their destructive tendencies along with them into the relationship.
Many women has been victimized by abusive men, it's sad but truth is most of us been through the same experience only because we can't spot the early signs of an abuser. Besides, It’s hard for a lot of women to be able to admit that the relationships that they’re in are emotionally abusive one.
I had the same experience, I was in a relationship where i  has abused verbally​and emotionally​, since the very start of my Relationship that lasted almost 3 years , and it was really hard for me to admit it Or to speak about it.
My abuser threatened to kill me if I ever leave, my fear wasn't only that im going to be killed, but my abuser has described me a world full of abusers just like him, and I imagined a hell out there , so i stayed!
I stayed with whom i thought is another copy of every one, actually that …

Why it takes so long to recover after being in a relationship with a psychopath ??

Nothing worse than dating a psychopath, nothing will damage you mentally and emotionally than being in love with this type of guys, that's why when it comes to psychopath encounter your Relationship usually take an unusually long time to recover from. It's tough days , i certainly know. It's like you're damaged, and no way to get yourself back together again.
Survivors often find themselves frustrated because they haven't healed as fast as they'd like. They also end up feeling traumatized and broken by it's meaning. There's no specific time to move on, it needs always your strength to get over it , heal and get your heart back in a good place​.
But usually, survivors live days and nights blaming themselves, you feel like it's your fault and you all wrong , that's what the psycho has convinced you with, making you feel guilty for what he has done to you , said it's your fault and if you didn't do them wrong he would never go! He will mov…

Why you should never contact your Ex????

No one ever goes into a relationship with a future breakup in mind, that’s why when breakups do occur, it can come across as a shocking and traumatizing experience to the people involved especially when they’re inexperienced in the area. Its a messy phase during life, Breakups are really hard and painful, you will end up feeling disappointed, it's like a whole of a world goes down, too many emotions play there , you're​ anxious, sad, blaming yourself, alot of times you're feeling like you are draining forgetting that there's a life beyond the Relationship that you were in and the only thing you can do is to move on.
Truth is, No one ever likes having to deal with fallouts. And it hurts both , men and women... you're gonna cry alot of tears , and you are training​ your mind and your heart to deal with the idea of not having your loved one anymore. Sometimes couples break up over petty arguments and others break up over heavy lingering issues in the relationship.