Is He the wrong One ???

Relationships are never quite easy as we wish them to be, but a good relationship supposed to enhance your life, make you happy, boost yourself confidence, and make you believe stronger in your own decisions. In the opposite, being with the wrong one, make you feel insecure about your future relationship and your life decisions, we all been dating people who were not good for us, sometimes we never know them from the start, sometimes we ignore the warning signs and we make excuses to stay, telling ourselves lies that they might has bad behaviors and things will work out later , we just ignore the warning signals men are sending their way, so you should take a moment and evaluate both : your feelings and your partner behaviors, however, these are some clear signs that shows he's wrong for you :

1# He's being negative :

If he loves you, he will strength your abilities and make you stronger, he will be by your side to support you and give you the positive vibes you need to go through life.
A negative person will slowly take your ability slowly from you, he will bring you down and make you feel disable to do anything, you'll feel like you don't amount to anything. This not right, it's not a love when your other half can't be supportive, he's negative and he doesn't know how to push you ahead and do better, this when you should recognize this kind of love is toxic and it won't help you to move forward, it will only bring you down. A good relationship, is when your other half naked you feel good about your life choices and your abilities. Besides, a negative and evil person is going to rub off their evil and negativity on you.
He will Toxic your life and slowly make think and act like him. Those kind of men will drained your energy, you must free yourself before it's too late .

2# He doesn't accept you the way you are :

A wrong person won't like you the way you are, they will try to change you, try to take your individuality, they won't like you and they won't see you as an amazing person, and they can't love you the way you are , trying to change everything you are to become somebody they want , if you are with someone who constantly tries to mend your ways and change you, he's definitely the wrong one , a person who loves you will appreciate you and love you just the way you are .
It's so bad when someone try to make you feel miserable and negative about their own self worth in an abusive, manipulative way.
When the way he treats you and his words no longer make you feel happy or respected that's when you need to end things , because he's taking you for guaranteed and he doesn't deserve to have you in his life.

3# He keeps reminding you Of your past:

This kind will try to bring you down by any means by reminding you of your past mistakes and your wrong past decisions. He's not happy and he's feeling ashamed about he's past so he wants you to feel same. They will give you constant reminders of your past even when you're changed as a person. They won't help you to change and they will make you believe you will never change and you will always repeat the same mistakes, they will give this negative energy and try to pull you back into your dark times, this wrong man will use your past to attack you and bring you down using it against you.

4# He brings Out your worst :

The sad fact, alot of women end up shackled to a relationship that their partner bring out their worst .
Some man will try to turn you into somebody angry and hateful, and you won't know yourself around him, this wrong guy will make you unrecognizable from your old self. Instead, he will make you feel insecure, panicked and anxious, you will be feeling like you're locked in a tight grip and you won't realize how toxic the situation is.
However, to save you yeats of heartache , you should be aware that a relationship should lift you higher , it shouldn't drag you down, and your partner should help you become the best version of yourself.

5# He's not giving you time :

They want you to spend all the time on them , taking care of them, talking to them, doing all their things and meet all their needs ,in the opposite, they ain't spending any time in return , coming up with excuses like they are occupied, while they hanging out with their friends and they just give you time when it's convenient for them, because you are not a priority and other things are more important than you.
In fact , here when you should recognize this the wrong relationship to be in, because at the end of the day , it's all about priorities, if they are right for you they will make time for you and nothing would be more important, doesn't matter how busy they are.
Basically, when you feel ignored or neglected in the relationship and when  they are not available most of the times,it's when you should end it up , he's wrong to be with.

For a relationship to last you need a person with the opposite signs above...
Don't ignore the warning signs and save yourself from years of pain if you're dating the wrong one.


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