When you should start packing your bags in a relationship???

Sometimes we can't protect ourselves from being hurt or being damaged in a relationship, sometimes we notice several things warning us to let go because this relationship brings is pain more than comfort. In fact, it's really hard to leave somebody you see a future with, but it's going to be all worth it in the end.
Basically, there are certain reasons in the relationship just warning you to let goof it so pay attention :

1# You feel lonely in the relationship :

Feeling lonely with your partner means there's something really wrong. It's terrible when they are not available, never around to cheer you up after having a bad day.. I mean what's the use of being in a relationship with someone absent the whole time!!! and you just can't talk to them when you need.
Here when you start feeling overwhelmingly lonely in the relationship and you feel your emotional needs are not met by your partner, it's time to let go. Moreover, being not available, absent, careless it only means this relationship going down and you should just end it up. When your partner create a distance between you two you should realize you have to go because you have no future together this way.

2# They judge you and criticize you :

This when your partner criticize everything you do and judge your life choices..and has no respect for this it means he doesn't accept you. It's when you feel like your partner irritated and constantly criticize your choices, then it's a warning that your relationship isn't going to work out, because they must accept you, not transforming you into somebody else just because they can't accept your negative traits and your flaws.

3# They are not there during the bad times :

A relationship is not about sharing the good times only. It's about sharing everything because we all face kind of difficulties in our every day lives and a good partner should be there for you , they would empathize you and try to help you to solve your problems instead of pulling away when you need them or being mad and getting​ irritated, they must support you and stand by your side through it all, bit if your partner refused to offer you this it's obvious you should leave, somebody who can't stay with you through the bad times , doesn't worth you at all.

4# Lack of trust :

Trust is the basic of a relationship, it's the most important aspect, but when you both can't trust each other, or one of you feel insecure about their partner, then you must think why you're in this relationship still ???
Checking their phone calls and text messages immediately and being  the investigator in your relationship is warning sign to let go... However, even when you choose to stay and carry on , you won't feel good , you will never could push forward your insecurities and you can't bring the trust again.

5# You are not on the same page :

When you both have different plans ,you both are not on the same page and you have conflicts and you two often have different interests it's time to sit down and think why you're in this relationship still and does your partner involve you into his future.

As a result, when you can't work it out despite how much you have tried then it's time to let go, when they can't understand you and you feel like working on dead Relationship just pack your bags and leave , it might be hurt but sometimes we can't do nothing about it but moving on.

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