What lies men tell to get what they want ???

Some guys are not looking for a serious relationship,but at the same time they can't stay single so they will try to find someone to have sex with... Unfortunately, some guys will tell you anything to get into your bed.
Usually, men tend to lie alot, hiding their true colors to get what they want from you then everything will show off .
Unfortunately, we fall for the same lies over and over again, sometimes it's just hard to believe it gonna be the same result, we think he's honest .
I can tell it's not really easy to recognize a liar from the very start. Basically, you should listen carefully and match his words with his actions because when men lie it shows alot of signs that are easily seen so read those 10 signs carefully so you can guard yourself from the hurt the liar could cause from the start :

1. " I'm single because I was waiting for the right girl " :

Most girls aren't going to sleep with a committed man,  so he's going to play the single dude for awhile. He will tell you he was waiting for the right one been so long til you show off.
When a guy is looking for some fun, he will try his hardest not to come across as a complete sleazeball. So he will make it appear as though he is looking for a “nice girl!
The truth is, he has probably met tons of nice, decent girls…and he probably hooked up with them all, too. He uses this same lie on all the ladies, so when they finally give in to his advances, they’ll think that they were special. But soon you will realize that this guy is just full of it. You will probably never hear from him again, but if you do, it will likely turn into a booty call situation. These types of men are never really looking for a serious relationship.

2. " We have so much in common ":

When it comes to dating, it is hard to find a guy you have a lot in common with, click with and have a crazy connection with. When you do meet a guy who you’re completely compatible with, you’ll be so excited. You’ll be texting your BFF in the middle of the date to tell her you fi Men know women are big on compatibility, so they will use this to lure you in to their web. If you notice that your date is pointing out all of your similarities, and telling you how much the two of you have in common, it could be a sign that he’s lying to you just so he can hook up. Finding out how much you really have in common with a man is something that takes time. So give it a few more dates to find out if he’s the real deal, or if he’s just filling your head up with lies.

3. " I don't look just to hook up all I need is to cuddle with you without having sex ":

“I just want to cuddle” is the new and improved version of “can I give you a massage?” They’re both lines that men use when they are looking to hook up! Because lets face it, most men hate cuddling, especially if it doesn’t lead to anything else. So a guy who suggests an all-night cuddle session is hoping that the two of you will be intertwined together on your couch. He’ll surely make a move or two, and he’s hoping that those innocent cuddles will be the precursor to some steamy action in the bedroom. If a guy is asking to go back to your place to cuddle on the very first date, just know that he doesn’t have good intentions, and he’s only looking to have some fun. These types of guys should be avoided at all costs, unless you’re a fan of Netflix & chill, of course.

4. " It's been so long since i last slept with a girl ":

A guy who is just looking to hook up isn’t going to let you know he was in another girl’s pants about a week ago. Instead, he will try to give off the impression that it has been “so long” since he was able to get some action. These types of guys want you to believe they’re very selective when it comes to their sexual partners with hopes that you will feel special and eventually give up the goods! But you have to think of it this way: a guy who’s only interested in hooking up will make it his mission to find willing participants. It will be almost like a full-time job to him, and he has likely suckered more than a few girls along the way. So don’t even bother falling for this lie, he has used it on many girls before you, and you want be the last to hear these words come from his  and prove to you that he’s the real deal!

5. " I'm falling love with you" :

When a guy starts to get really desperate, he will throw out the “L” word to get some bedroom action. If you’ve only known him for a week, and he’s already professing his love for you, this is a major red flag! When a guy lies about how much he loves you, he definitely has ulterior motives. I know you probably want to believe everything that comes out of his mouth, and the idea of having someone fall in love with you sounds great, but if it’s not real then what’s the point? Love doesn’t happen spontaneously, and it takes time to really fall in love with someone from the inside out. If it seems like it’s too soon for him to have such strong feelings for you, then you’re probably right. He’s just out for one thing, and he will say anything at this point to get what he wants.

6. "You’re the sexiest woman I ever met " :
Just beware when a man constantly showers you with compliments. Of course, they’re genuine sometimes, but often times, they’re nothing but a ploy to get you in bed. If he feels like he has to butter you up before you’ll kiss him or have sex with him, he’ll say whatever he has to say. He’ll tell you you’re beautiful, and that you’re so sexy and he's been around many different woman but you the one who caught his attention . He might even tell you that he loves you. If you’re anywhere near a bed, don’t always take his word for it especially when you just start dating , falling love is not that easy that it seems for men !

7." I wanna marry you and have your babies ":

 a man’s really desperate, he’ll also lie about something as important as marriage and children. I mean, what do women love more than that? In an attempt to impress you, he’ll make you believe that he loves you to the point of picking only you to share his life and have his  babies, as soon as possible.
That way, you’ll think of him as a potential mate, and won’t mind jumping into bed with him. This is one of the most deceitful ways men use to get into a woman’s pants.

8. " I never tell this any one before" :

A super quick and easy way for guys to make you believe that they are opening up to you is by using the tired line, “I’ve never told anyone this.” It’s not uncommon for men to have a bunch of stories lined up to tell women, and each story is shared to make you believe that he is opening up to you and only you. When a man uses this line on you, it’s easy to start believing that you’re someone special in his life, because he chooses only you to share this. Usually because We only share intimate details with people we really care about..
Well, for the guy who’s just looking for some action, this concocted story is either a lie, or he has told it so many times to so many different women. Don’t get all giddy and believe you’re pretty little face has given this man the strength to pour his heart out to you. He’s simply using this lie to gain a fast pass straight to your bedroom!

9. " I'm looking for a serious relationship with you " :

Many men are under the impression that all girls want a relationship and a solid commitment. While this may be true for some girls, that's why they will tell you that he's looking for a serious relationship , he will dangle the commitment carrot to get what they want. Guys will say they’re looking for a relationship even if they don’t have any plans of settling down. They believe that by lying about what they’re looking for, they’ll have a better chance of scoring. Essentially, all they’re doing is leading you on, and it’s a trick they use to get you into bed. If a guy says he’s looking for a relationship the second you meet him, give it some time before you get physical. He will either get fed up with waiting, or he will stick around and prove to you that he’s the real deal!

10. He's changing the topic :

When he's telling a lie he will change the topic very frequently trying to hide something from you, he's afraid of getting caught if he keeps talking about the same topic. This happens when he feels uncomfortable , terrified to spit the truth.

Just pay attention to his words and be careful because sleeping with a guy who's main goal is sex will hurt you alot later especially if you were together for so long and he told you all the possible lies to get into your panties.


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