What you should Learn from your Break up ??

Broke up is painful , in a sudden you have to go through all the mental torture and life seems turned over, there's nothing much you can do about it, isn't much that a person can do to stifle the pain of having to go through break up...
I was in love with him when he has putted an end to our Relationship because of somebody else, and what's hurt the most that we was living together, and I wake up next to an empty spot in bed  feeling anxiety and depression, it was really hard, there was so much around me that driving me insane...
I was feeling hollow and devoid of any kind of feelings inside​, woke up every morning with the thought of us together again, I prayed that things turn out the way it was , there was alot of pain comes from that feeling of helplessness, we was barely talking ...
There was nothing I can do to appease the situation , even when I left the home, I was feeling the same pain, and loliness plague my life, I waited for days and months for him to make u his mind and I was ready to forgive his betrayed and go back, I was already forgotten what is like to live life on my own, I was used to being in that Relationship with the 9nly man I ever loved , but things went against what I wanted..nothing was easy for me...
However, it gonna get hard before it gets easier and things are going to pick up eventually, doesn't matter how long it gonna take, and how lonely nights you're going to go through , you're gradually going to be able to put yourself back together.. and as timr goes by , you will look back and he will become a distant memory, you only need to have faith on yourself, accept whatever the break up happenEd  in your life because​it's Al happen for a reason and face the pain like you never feel it, don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you suffer and learn the lesson the universe has blessed you with.
Read this 5 lessons you should learn after the break up :

1# Enjoy your freedom :

Now you are free , nothin will distract you to do whatever you want, you can go clubbing or meet your old friends, now that you are not oblige to please him and wear what he Likes, or talk and do exactly like what he wants, I know deep down there's a corner in your heart still think about him, skip those thoughts and enjoy your freedom, it's all over, the stress​ , the drama, the fights, and the anxiety that comes with it... leave it all behind, look at the break up as a positive thing and see beyond the pain, tell yourself he's gone and you're your better self without him, start your own life in a whole new way, it's an opportunity to love yourself and do what makes you happy, not what makes him happy... The relationship you thought it's was good for you , wasn't good at the end.. so cherish your freedom, learn how to enjoy your single life .

2# Let Go :

Nothing hard as it seems, the break up is harsh ...I know... But you should let go, put his stuff and his memories in the back of your mind and don't recall it every lonely night , it's a mental torture because you think there's a hole in your heart and only him could fill the void , but this is wrong, because the sooner you will erase  the memories, the better it will be.
Be brave enough to let go, it's better for your mental health, it's tough for you in the start but your attitude what's matters.. besides you have to convince that it's all gone, start anew , be strong, show courage and deal with it as a lesson learned, things will be easy as soon as you step up out that dark phase and you will restart fresh and clean from all the pain and negativity.
As timr will pass, you will realize it didn't worth all that and everything you you can't live without doesn't matter any more... You don't have to sit home all day crying for what you think it's a tragedy loss, while he never deserved.

3# Give yourself enough time To heal :

It's not wrong to cry , scream it all out, don't hold your pain and your anger deep down ... Let it go but don't take so long, the choice is yours, you can mourn the whole time or you can give yourself the time to heal and let go..
After a few times you won't feel the pain.
Break up is awful especially when he moved on and you still cry over him.. listening to sad songs , this won't help you to heal all your wounds , but time is the best thing you need  ...one day you will look back and you won't feel anything at all , it's just hard at the start, but someday you will look back and regret crying over that silly person who didn't deserve a single tear.

4# Get over it and never Blame yourself :

Never blame yourself because he left or because he cheated on you, stop playing back the past analyzing what went wrong ,maybe God has another great plan for you , let go and embrace life as it comes and as it goes .. calm yourself by understanding the fact that he wasn't good for you...
Never blame yourself, be confident, don't let insecurity get in, it's not the end of the world, take a little break, gather all your stuff and take your break​up as an opportunity given to you to refresh and  re-start , this your time to try again with a different person, let your heart decide , let your heart feel again, find your own strength and enjoy life as a single woman.

5# You Deserve Better :

Being single and knowing your worth is better than being in a relationship with a toxic person who doesn't value your effort and your love, which the live you give is not reciprocated.
Besides, you deserve better, you just should remember all the energy and the effort you waste into that Relationship and it was on vain..
As a result, you have to be positive about the break up, it happened for a reason and I bet it's a good One, just remember the mistakes he did , the lies he said, the love you wasted on that wrong person.
Actually, you gave everything you could in this relationship and you're tired of it, but you stayed because you love him , just like what I did in my previous relationship... But you really need to let go, you deserve to be loved , you don't deserve that life at all, effort should be from both sides. My mom once told me to settle down with a guy who loves you more than you love him..
As time goes by and soon love will find its way to you.

Don't let the memories flashes back to you every now and then , don't allow that to happen, remind yourself of how miserable and unhappy you were in that Relationship, and how you felt used ...
Don't go that way again, let time heal you and don't blame yourself for his shame, things will get easier with time and you will love again , you're beautiful, you're strong... I know you gotta suffer alot after the break up, i Know how hard it is to let go of someone you really love , but at the end he didn't worth you and your love, think of why you broke up with him, write a diss poem, scream.. cry , get rid of all his stuff and everything that could remind you of him, don't mourn too long, just take it as a lesson you should learn  learned... and trust me things are going to be better with time and you will understand gods reasons behind it all , the universe always has plan for you.


If you ever experienced a hard break up , talk to me in the comments Down below, tell me what lesson you have learned .

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