Is He a player ?????

A player is someone who doesn't care how you feel, or who you are ! As long as you are going ​to be the next tool he gotta use !!! Nothing else matters.
He will get in a relationship with you so quick so you won't discover what he is hiding, he will show love and so much emotions , and then he will leave you wondering, couldn't believe it is him who did all the damage to you...
A player is an emotional manipulative...
A gold digger , A liar , an abuser or
A fuck boy , He could be all this , he knows how to play the role better than any one else before, and he knows better how to hide his many faces til it's end , and when everything is over , he will never admit his mistakes, he will Blame life , and the dirty ways of destiny and even you , he will Blame you for messed up !!! While it's all his fault...
There are plenty of players around us , the nice neighborhood and the handsome college at work ! You will never know before you try ... But to avoid being used and mistreated you should recognize the player before he starts playing his game on you !
Read this to spot the early signs, I bet you will save yourself alot of pain !

1# He Hardly Ever Calls :

In a relationship, you can't stop calling your partner everyday, and every hour , it's just like that . If your guy doesn't bother to call til you do , he's just not interested in you.
A player is just playing his game, he will call just when he needs something , Or he barely calls , and if you ever ask why , he will find always reasons to tell.. but in fact,  He probably has someone else to talk to on the phone, some Other girl that he’s lying to. If you're not on 9gone with your guy almost everyday there's something wrong!!! You're not the one , you might be just a fling for him .

2# He Hides His Phone From You :

Relationships are all about trust , you trust your partner enough so his phone and social network accounts aren't important, but when your guy is acting shady, hiding his phone , texting randomly but barely calls you! And when you're together he goes away to answer his calls , it's weird ! When he never shows you his phone no matter how Much you ask him and then blames you for “accusing him of being a cheater”, he probably is a cheater! (Read  )
A player will try to hide things from you , and in the opposite he wants you to be clear about everything belongs to you! Show him your phone contacts, tell him who you have been talking to and allow him to go through your websites.. that's how he gotta be Happy.

3# He Has many Female Friends :

A player is that one who talk to many girls at the same time , he has always time to text them and call. and if you ask whom he's talking to , he always call a name , I have dated this kind of players the one who love to be around ​girls always... Never got enough ! That was really disgusting! I know there's nothing wrong with guys having female friends ! But when he's ignoring you for them , canceling your dates , or ignore your calls because he's talking to one of his female friends and he doesn't pay attention to you, it is a clear sign of you being played and You need to move on!

4# He has a shameful Past history :

It's very important to know everything about the guy you are dating, or before you start dating !and pay attention to his past relationship history, it tells alot about him , if you hear something unlogic , don't ignore the sign...
My Ex boyfriend has a very shame past, and he never felt ashamed to tell me he used many girls for sex and money and i stayed because I thought it was his past and he said that he promised to be a better person in the future and that was over ...  he pretended that he's trying to be a better version of himself but he was the same guy.
Because I know what it means to build in your boyfriend's past history, i should tell you to pay attention to what other people tell you about him, and pay attention to what he's telling you, if it's​ a different story that's when you should recognize you're dealing with a player and he's will never tell you the truth..

5# He doesn't care about your feelings :

A guy who doesn't love you will never care about you and your feelings, a guy who doesn't call often , doesn't text! and never ask how you doing or how was your day is a player . In the opposite, if he cares he would call immediately , makes sure you're ok and happy... But if the guy you’re seeing doesn’t care about You being sad, doesn’t care when you’re down, doesn’t ask if you’re okay or not, or tries to show some amount of Fake sympathy, he doesn’t care about you and is playing you for a fool!
Be careful emotions are very important, so be with someone who take care about your feelings and never hurt you or go a day without painting a smile on your face .

6# NO cuddles , never "just laying on bed" .. always about being physical :

Read ( )

Physical intimacy is important in every relationship, but it should never define the relationship. If your guy is always trying to bring Dirty talk to the table it's a warning sign that you're dealing with a player​.. he hates​ to just laying on bed and talk, or just watching a movie together without trying to hook up, then you're not with the right guy. 
A guy who rush to sex , and doesn't care how you feel or he just wants to have sex everywhere even when you don't feel good or in the mood is a guy who only playing you... And if you refuse he will act so agressive and so mad , and start blaming you for being cold and have no real feelings , and if you truly love him you would never say no.
He will start complaining saying he's unhappy and you must be the wrong person but he's in love and he can't leave . Truth is he's lying he's not in love and he's making excuses to leave.

7# He Doesn’t Open Up To You :

When a guy is truly in love with you, he tends to share all of his life with you. He will tell you everything about His life, about all the ups and downs he went through, because he wants you to pay attention to him and love Him for who he is and because he wants your love and support. But if the guy you’re seeing doesn’t open up To you and almost always talks like a flirt, he isn’t interested in you and is just playing.

8# He Always criticize the way you look :

If he loves you , he loves who you are and not the amount of make up you can wear or the clothes on you.. if your man can you stop complaining about your look , telling you to look like other females he likes and he wants you to be like them , and even when you're looking your best , he says he doesn't like what you wear, you're probably dating a player who doesn't care about your personality and your character..if all of your efforts Is getting wasted for a guy who doesn't appreciate you then you must leave, he's a player and you will only end u getting hurt .

9# He Doesn’t Like Being Seen With You

A guy who loves you, like to show you off to the whole world and never mess a chance to introduce you to his friends and family, he makes sure you meet  everyone and they all knows about you .
When a guy is in love with you. It is very important to him that they all like you and make you A part of them.
But if the guy you’re seeing avoids introducing you to his friends and family, doesn’t like being Seen with you and only takes you out where he knows no one will know him, there’s something shady going on. Guys like this tend to have more girls they’re seeing, and the fear of them seeing you with him makes him want To keep you hidden. If you feel like this is happening, you’re probably being played on.

10# He hang out more without you ,more with his friends :

In a real relationship, and when a guy is in love , he won't mess an opportunity to be with you, never cancel a date just for his friends, he knows when you're available , And he always makes sure he gets to spend plenty of time with you and never say no to meeting you. He won't care if there's a football game he should watch with his mates , you come first and before anything at all.
But if The guy you’re seeing cancels a lot of plans with you, he makes plans and then bails at the last minute, it Might be because he had someone else to meet who was more important​, i Know every one getting busy , but if it seems to happen every other day Then you’re being played on.

Never trust a boy who does all the things I have mentioned... A player is someone who has no regard of how you're feeling as long as he considers you as a tool or just playing you because he's some sick psycho .

* Talk to me :

Did you ever met a player ? Did you fall for him or you escaped in the beginning of the Relationship. Write it down.


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