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Are you in healthy relationship ???

In a long term relationship, couples loses interest.. things become boring and the routine kills love.
Sometimes, though, people stay in relationships for all the wrong reasons, even when the most important characteristics of a healthy relationship are missing.
So here's characteristics of a healthy relationship :1.Communication : Is the key of a healthy relationship, stay connected to each other .. you both should talk , it's important to talk more .
In a healthy relationship you need to be able to talk to each other and, more importantly, be able to listen.
There should be no fear of losing one another, if you raise a thorny subject,you should be able to talk about anything and everything. If you can’t communicate, then problems will be left unresolved
Try to spend a few tims together, no TV , no phones , discuss deeper and personal subjects , keep concern of problems, try to solve it together..
Disagreement is a part of every relationship but don't let it damage it, peo…

Is he using you for Sex and money ??

women usually get blinded when it comes to love , while men who's using them for sex and money are the best hiding their true colors..You never know they’re using you until you’ve exhausted all you can give. You will never know it from the start because he will show you all the love that could possibly blind you to see the real him.. His probably been using you for sex and money and you know what’s worse than dating a user? Falling love with a user!
Dating a user will wreck you , he will take it all from you using all the ways , using all the words, using advantages of your body and your wallet..
If you're in love , dating a guy  and he's suspicious like he's interested in money and sex more than the relationship .. but you can't tell ...Don’t mistake hot passionate sex for hot passionate love. Sometimes, as much as it seems like love is all you can see, it could just be a haze of lust in your lover’s eyes.
Men tend to know exactly what they want from the start, th…

When you should End up a bad relationship!??

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that make us miserable but we can't let go,
I have been inna prison for almost 3 years, I wasn't happy , sex wasn't good, love wasn't good, everything tasted bad and awful , our fights has no meaning, I wasn't bothered at all like when we first dated, jealousy was a play , and I was up every night wondering why I'm laying next to him still ??? Thinking this is not the way I want my life goes !!!! It was that kind of relationships that I know in my heart it's not right , but it's just take a hold on me ...I was stuck in a dead end relationship that was only drawing me back ...And he was already giving up making efforts to work it out... I wasn't ready to leave yet I was in love with the idea of us together, and I was still loving the first time we met !!  Til everything crashed down when he decided he's outta love been a long time and he needs to move on and I have to go as well ...If you are in a bad…