Is he a mom's Boy ???!

We all seeking out a boyfriend who loves his mom and knows exactly how to treat a woman with respect and dignity, it's really attractive , no Relationship could be greater indicator of a man's character who loves and cares for his mon.... But sometimes you should just pay attention to how your man interacts with his mother before taking any further steps in your relationship, he might be a momma's boy.
In fact , they are hard to spot a normal guy who loves his mom naturally and a guy who has Oedipus complex ! But it will get awkward when you feel like you're dating his mother instead of him.
Here are few signs to spot a momma's boy , you don't really want to spend your life with this kind of men :

1# He still lives at home :

Well, im not talking about the men who live at home because they are Trying to get on their feet but still face some economic hardship because there is nothing wrong with that , bit in talking about the ones who know mom will do their laundry, clean their room, wash their dish , cook their meals and do it all for them ! She still afford everything they needs.
This kind of guys won't leave their parents house til they meet another mother who could do them same as their mom.

2# He is not feeling ashamed to get emotional :

Usually ladies are emotionally fluid, but what if your man is too emotional just like a little kid, weeping all the times, crying and getting dramatic easily , that's a man who is close to his mom and knows no shame to share his emotional side with every one , he's soft and he likes to look like a victim sometimes so he get what he wants from you , just like children.

3# She knows everything :

What's worst than a man who can't keep what's happening between you, only between you, he tells his mom everything! Imagine being mad at him and she calls to solve the problem.
A mom's boy will tell his mom wether you had sex or not ! You are mad , sick , had financial issues ,and how much you earn and how much you are saving in your bank account!
It's really annoying , it's horrible to have no privacy in your relationship.. so it's better to leave this boy to his mom to take care of him , nothing g worse than a talkative man who can't keep a thing to himself .

4# She control his choices :

He loves you because his mom does! He wants to marry you but his mom should agree or you won't go nowhere with you in the relationship..
This type of guys their mom will tell them what to do with their life and how to live it, he's seeking his mom opinion always .
Most of the times, man will ask his mother opinions because of her wisdom, but when he couldn't figure out what to do without her, it's then you're dealing with a momma's boy.

5# He lets her involve herself in everything about you :

It's when you ask him his opinion and he tells to ask his mom , because momma's knows best !!! And for him she is helpful and always right !
She will get her noise involve in your​business, the way you dress , your work, and even your Relationship with him . Besides, he will pressure you to please her and he will always takes​her side no matter what ... It's awful literally.

He can be the worst type of date, he will be good to you just because his mom likes you, and he will never keep your secrets, never do a thing his mom doesn't know about, he has no identity, he's a scared unhappy little boy who only wants his mom to love him, he's not looking for a wife , but he's looking for his mom in somebody else, he's a selfish, agressive man who will take the life out of you because he doesn't need your love , he will get it from his mom.
So if you're dating a guy with one of the previous signs , then it's time for you to move out because he will never man up, and it's definitely so hard to live with , you will try everything that his mother is , and nothing will satisfy or please him.

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