Is He Going To Dump You ???

Break up is the worst kind of experience a person can have , nothing more painful, nothing can leave a person completely destroyed, lost and heartbroken than break up...
Basically, every relationship comes to a point where the routine could end it up in a sudden and other reasons also lead  the break up sometimes to force us to finish the Relationship... And then you find yourself disable , don't know what to do with yourself and with your life. I mean it ... Literally.. break up never easy, never a thing to get over in a moment, it's  horrible  to deal with the pain and the emotional weight of break up. In this case , people in Relationships usually work their best to make things stay on course and avoid the break up, sometimes we do everything and anything possible and we take actions we feel that our partner lose interest, but mostly things won't work out how hard we try , and despite the effort , sometimes break up inevitable.
However, there are always warning clear signs of a doomed Relationship and when we feel the end is coming is better to prepare ourself mentally and emotionally, i Know it gonna hurt like hell , I know how hard it is but sometimes it's better to let go of an already dead Relationship.
Moreover, sometimes your ​partner is going to dump you , this way you should notice the signs and get yourself prepared, you can notice the sings right whenever something isn't going right the way , spot the signs early of Doom and then you can atleast ease the huge pain of the unexpected break up  .
If you're not sure about what's going on in your relationship, Read this article and be on the look out for these signs that he's going to dump you :

1. He prefer To go out without you :

It seems like your partner is no longer care about taking you out of spending time with you any more ... He prefer to spend most of his time with his friends, it feels like his mates are taking priority over you.
It's an obvious sign he's trying to avoid you as much as he can , and he's trying to make you feel bored til you give up , but if you still hold on to him he will break up..

2. He pick up fights :

It might seem like all you and your man doing is fighting, it's like your Relationship is a battle and you don't know what he's fighting about or why he's fighting .
Usually, this happen because your partner is getting frustrated in the relationship and he's taking it out on you..  and it looks like he doesn't care even to apologise or make things right after fights , it seems like your partner has started to minimize his emotional investment.
Basically, you should pay attention to non sense fights and the arguments fueled by blind rage that make no Logical sense whatsoever.

3. He's distant :

He start making less and less time for you , suddenly he's trying ro avoid any typical activities you're used to do together, he's distant physically and emotionally, it's like he's changing the way he's communicate with you, no more intimacy, no eye contact, he's trying to avoid having conversations with you , avoid taking future plans.
Since physical contact says alot about the strength of you Relationship it's a powerful way of connection and when it starts to vanish it's when things are really going wrong in the relationship, it's even worse when they stopped making advances and he resists all your advances too.

4.  You the only one doing the effort :

It's not a give and take Relationship, it's all weight on you , you the only one who's doing the effort it's a sign he's actually doing it on purpose and you will only get frustrated .

5. You're not important any more :

It just seems like you're the last thing he's worried about now , you're basically not on his mind, he doesn't care about you any more and the things that used to bother him don't bother him at all any more ... He's not jealous now despite he was going crazy when someone look or talk to you , now he's telling you to make friends and go out , it's a sign he's really giving up.

Some people won't tell it to your face , but they will act indifferent and try to avoid you so you get frustrated and leave , if you're with somebody who's doing one of the previous signs just be prepared for the end ... Basically, love is blind and we continue ignore the warning signs , pretending it gonna be alright later .. but when a man wants to leave nothing will make him stay .

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