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You never enter a relationship with a psychopath expecting to be abused, played of and damaged , they are usually the perfect partner to be in a relationship with, they will trick you with love and that's how it goes . Then a trianglaton sets in!
Psycopaths are mostly predators​, they know exactly what they want from the victim and how to get it and how can you give them what they want, only with love, flattering and attention, because no matter how confident or strong you are , love is what makes you vulnerable by default. They manufacture the illusion of love , because that's how they can control you, they don't need no physical agression because this relationship they are in is a perfect opportunity for them to get what they want.
They seek power and control, they dominate their victim sexually, emotionally and physically. In order to torture an control their targets Psycopaths utilize certain behaviors, create​ a love triangle , an aura of desaribility of being wanted,…